IF of Kafka’s Metamorphosis

For my final project I am making an IF game through Inform 7 where I am translating Franz Kakfa’s Metamorphosis into an Interactive Fiction game. It differs from the book in that the player is actually going to be playing the sister of the protagonist rather than the protagonist. The premise of the story is that the protagonist is turned into a roach, and the story shows the decay and decline of the the family as they have to deal with this change. Finally, the roach dies and the family is transformed. I am going to convey the metaphor of this to the event of a terminal illness affecting someone in a family to create a more controversial game where you watch yourself reject someone you love, only to have them humanized in the end of the game. At this point I don’t really have any questions as I am pretty far into the process, so any changes would mean alot of other sequential changes in the game.

For the pecha kucha, I found a GREAT site with example presentations.


My favorite is the one about the psychology of incompetency. 🙂