Pecha Kucha Presentations

The last few weeks of the semester will be devoted to class presentations based on your the topic of your final paper. You must craft a presentation that goes well beyond saying “this is interesting” about a particular game. Yet you also must be focused and to the point, as the presentations will strictly follow a Pecha Kucha format.

Pecha Kucha requires a presenter to narrate a timed slideshow of 20 slides at 20 seconds per slide, adding up to a total time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The formal constraints of this rigid format call for discipline, practice, and paradoxically, creativity. Do not try to present a full-fledged overview of your final project in your limited time. Instead, think of your presentation as a kind of tour of your research problem. Tell a story about why your topic is important or why and how it poses compelling questions.

In addition to the time constraint, another rule these presentations must follow is the 1/1/5 rule. That is, you must have at least one image per slide, you can only use each image once, and you should have no more than five words per slide. A good source  of images (in addition to screen shots of the game you’re looking at) is Flickr’s pool of Creative Commons-licensed photographs (scroll down and select “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content.”)