The Lojban MOO

Link: Lojban MOO
Lojban is a constructed language. I won’t go into a bunch of details here, but some of its main tenets are removal of ambiguity and establishment of cultural neutrality, to the extent that those are possible. For various reasons, including the relative lack of speakers, a lack of a “nation” to grow around, and even just a lack of things to do with the language, Lojbanists made a MOO. Its main “hook” is that you can make it do tons of things, but that all of the “magic” must be worked out using grammatical Lojban (ordinary speech and in particular English isn’t censored or anything, it just isn’t magical). This incidentally has the advantage of being easier to code, as Lojban is probably quite a bit easier for a computer to parse than most languages. (If you’ve ever used one of those free translation sites, you get an idea of how poorly computers “understand” English.)

Getting back to the point, I haven’t played around in it yet (my Lojban is still not all that great), and I don’t think anyone in the class probably will, but as a concept I thought this was interesting. It’s admittedly not IF exactly, and yet in some ways it is; it is more like IF than it is like a “text-based RPG”, in my opinion, based on the descriptions I’ve seen.