Exactly how much do videogames effect us.

This is in response to Jamie’s post.  Videogame violence was once one of the most pressing issues for parents and how they raised their children.  The stigma that videogames would cause your children to become violent offenders did effect what games parents bought their kids if they decided to at all.  Recent studies have disproven this theory but not befoere parents had made their decision to keep their kids away from videogames.  What people how believe this kind of theory don’t realize how much violence videogames have had in them since their beginning.  Violence has been a primary factor in many types of videogames and will continue to be for the length of their existence.  The reason for this is because our society and many others are based around violence and have been for centuries and that has simply translated into videogames.  Violence had been incorporated into movies and music long before videogames had been invented and there had been no significant attempt to discredit them.  The movement started very suddenly and ended just as abruptly.  They did not complain when space invaders came out and it seems that the movement really gained momentum when grand theft auto started to take off.  I know that my parents refused to buy me videogames because they thought that I should play outside more instead of wasting my time on videogames.

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  1. Professor Sample

    A whole history could be written about videogame violence (and in fact, several have). It’s important to remember that the issue keeps coming up again and again, generation after generation. In other words, the fears of videogame violence didn’t begin with Grand Theft Auto. Twenty years earlier, parents were up in arms over Mortal Kombat. And even extremely “tame” games such as Space Invaders came under fire for their depictions of violence.

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