Reading List for ENGL 459: Disaster Fiction (Fall 2009)

Here’s the official reading list for ENGL 459 on Disaster Fiction, along with a quick breakdown of the class’s organization:

Part I: The Disaster Novel

Part II: The Postmodern Disaster Novel

Part III: Apocalyptic Journeys

Part IV: The Disaster of History

You can find a more visual display of the reading list as well.

2 thoughts on “Reading List for ENGL 459: Disaster Fiction (Fall 2009)”

  1. Lucifers hammer is a classic .. good in depth reading on survival and societal degeneration and rebuilding.. hopefull others in the class will enjoy it

  2. I hope the class went well. Your reading list is intriguing and there’s little doubt that the class was very interesting. When planning the class, did you consider teaching DeLillo’s Falling Man? Though White Noise is the more interesting pick as far as disaster fiction goes (if you had to choose only one DeLillo work), it would have been interesting to place Falling Man alongside Foer’s novel. Thank you for your willingness to share your course plans and other information about your teaching.

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