Research and Creative Work

Curriculum Vitae

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Peer Reviewed Research

“The Black Box and Speculative Care”
Debates in the Digital Humanities 2018
Edited by Matthew Gold and Lauren Klein
University of Minnesota Press, 2019

“Difficult Thinking about the Digital Humanities”
Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016
Edited by Matthew Gold and Lauren Klein
University of Minnesota Press, 2016

Debugging Game History: A Critical Lexicon
Edited by Raiford Guins and Henry Lowood
MIT Press, 2016.

Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models, and Experiments
Edited by Rebecca Frost Davis, Matthew K. Gold, Katherine D. Harris, and Jentery Sayers
Modern Language Association, 2016

“The Digital Humanities is not about Building, It’s about Sharing”
Defining Digital Humanities
Edited by Melissa Terras, Julianne Nyhan, and Edward Vanhoutte
Ashgate, 2013.

“Location Is Not Compelling (Until It Is Haunted)”
The Mobile Story: Narrative Practices with Locative Technologies
Edited by Jason Farman
Routledge, 2013

“Criminal Code: Procedural Logic and Rhetorical Excess in Videogames”
Digital Humanities Quarterly 7.1 (2013).

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(With co-authors Patsy Baudoin, John Bell, Ian Bogost, Jeremy Douglass, Mark Marino, Michael Mateas, Nick Montfort, Casey Reas, and Noah Vawter)
MIT Press, 2013

“Tenure as a Risk-Taking Venture”
Journal of Digital Humanities 1.4 (2012)

“5 BASIC Statements on Computational Literacy”
Enculturation 14 (2012)

“Unseen and Unremarked On: Don DeLillo and the Failure of the Digital Humanities”
Debates in the Digital Humanities
Edited by Matthew Gold
University of Minnesota Press, 2012

“Building and Sharing (When You’re Supposed to be Teaching)”
Journal of Digital Humanities 1.1  (2011)

“What’s Wrong with Writing Essays: A Conversation”
Hacking the Academy
Edited by Dan Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt
University of Michigan Press and the University of Michigan Library, 2011

Sharing Research and Building Knowledge Through Zotero”
Learning Through Digital Media: Experiments in Technology and Pedagogy
Edited by Trebor R. Scholz
New School, 2011

“Virtual Torture: Videogames and the War on Terror”
Game Studies 8.2 (2008)

“There Goes the Neighborhood: The Seventies, the Middle Class, and The Omega Man
Shocking Cinema of the Seventies
Edited by Xavier Mendik
Noir, 2002

“Resisting Technology: The Right Idea for All the Wrong Reasons”
Works and Days
16.1-2 (1998)

Juried Creative Work

“Two Moji: A Modern Epic of Love and Betrayal”
Taper #2 (Fall 2018)

House of Leaves of Grass
Chercher le texte digital literature
Paris, France
September 2013

Postcard for Artisanal Tweeting
Rough Cuts: Media and Design in Process
Edited by Kari Kraus
August 2012

Takei, George
Electrifying Literature: Affordances and Constraints
Morgantown, West Virginia
June 2012

Other Creative Work

Public Scholarly Writing

On Sharing and Losing Control of an Online Persona
MediaCommons, March 2013

Meanwhile is Big but not Boundless
In Media Res
MediaCommons, February 2012

Dual Academic Couples and Long Distance Living
Antenna, October 2011

Guest Contributor to
University of Minnesota Press, 2011

Core Contributor to Play the Past, a collaboratively edited and authored blog exploring the intersection of cultural heritage and games.

Core Contributor to the ProfHacker feature for the Chronicle of Higher Education.