Reading List for ENGL 493: Graphic Novels (Fall 2009)

I’ve finalized the reading list for my Fall 2009 course on graphic novels. This is the same super-sized class that I’ll be teaching with technologies that may help me preserve my student-centered pedagogy. The syllabus was especially hard to settle on, as there are so many compelling graphic novels worthy of inclusion. I had to make some tough choices: Neil Gaiman didn’t make it on, nor did Kyle Baker, Jessica Abel, Charles Burns, Rutu Modan, and a host of other possibilities.  But what I’ve got is some great stuff, spanning genres, styles, and mood.

And here’s a more appropriately visual presentation of the same required texts, complete with pricing information.

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  1. I had a hard time pinning down books too. There are quite a few interesting and fun texts out there to incorporate, but I didn’t want to overwhelm those poor students. Here’s what I went with:

    Understanding Comics
    Comics & Sequential Art
    X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga
    Three Shadows
    Fun HOme
    9/11 Report
    Slow Storm
    The Arrival

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