The Hidden

I haven’t decided exactly which work(s) I’m going to write about (it’ll be something from the Elit Collections, or Dreaming Methods), but I’ve at least settled on a topic.  I want to focus on aspects of the work that are hidden, or are otherwise purposely downplayed or obscured (but present all the same).  I’m fascinated by the ways in which authors hide information in their works, and I’d like to look at 1) the techniques employed to hide information, 2) the effect achieved by doing so, and 3) the ways in which the reader will notice what is hidden.  I’ll be focusing mostly on aspects of the work that are fairly easy to access, but nonetheless deviate from the guiding narrative – if one is present.  If there isn’t some kind of guiding framework, I’ll try to analyze how readers make sense of disparate elements (and how some elements become favored over others due to aesthetic decisions).