Annotating Electronic Literature

The second annotation project for ENGH 400 is similar to the first, with a few added twists.

  1. Begin by selecting one work of e-lit/digital poetry from the pieces listed on the syllabus:
  2. Engage with this work until you feel like you have some understanding of it (but not necessarily total understanding).
  3. Then decide what moment of it you want to annotate, and take a screen capture of that instance, thereby “freezing” it. (Greenshot is a good screen capture program for Windows; Skitch is good for Mac; both are free.)
  4. Then, as you did with House of Leaves, annotate the screen capture, highlighting and making notes of the interesting, puzzling, disconcerting, or compelling aspects of that moment.
  5. Next, write up the annotations in a 1-page, single-space compendium.
  6. And finally (and this part goes beyond what we did with the last annotations), write a 1-2 page reflective piece, in which you try to make sense of the work, using your annotations as your guideposts.

The assignment is due in class on Wednesday, November 16. The complete assignment includes the following: a hardcopy of the screenshot page, with annotations; a hardcopy of the compendium of the annotations; and a hardcopy of the reflective piece.