Exploring Narratives and Databases in the Elit. Medium

I wanted to focus my final paper on an elit. work, or perhaps even the video game Braid. I have been looking at the Dreaming Methods website. I read several elit. stories in this site such as Changed, Nightingale, and Book of Waste. While reading, I kept in mind what Manovich says about Databases and Narratives:

“Rather than trying to correlate database and narrative forms with modern media and information technologies, or deduce them from these technologies, I prefer to think of them as two competing imaginations, two basic creative impulses, two essential responses to the world” (“The Database” 233).

I continue to struggle with this notion that these two forms are “competing” instead of working together to utilize the multimedia world.  I would like to examine an elit., perhaps two or three, and explain how this genre are “correlates” the two forms.

In addition to Manovich’s article, I will probably be citing from the articles “The Garden of the Forking Paths,” “Avatars of Story,” and perhaps “The Codex and its Variations.”