Letter to Professor Sample’s Mom

In regards to your email to your son asking about the House of Leaves book: The general consensus about the verity of the Navidson Record was that it is false. But the book is filled with possible truths and many untruths, and nobody (at least in our class) can discern or extricate the real from the unreal. It is certainly a tangled web we weave when we begin to deceive…

I have been told that there are people that lie so much that they can’t tell what is true anymore. Danielewski claims that there are no errors in the book, so I would assume he knows exactly where the fiction lies (no pun intended). Classmates have discussed that the purpose in all the blurred lines is to prove that no text can be trusted or considered “sacred truth” and that may be the point to the whole novel.

Or the point may be that there is no point. Even as we were asked to write to you we are all likely grasping at some understanding in order to communicate it to you, but sadly we are trying to apply our minds to the abyss, which I think is a paraphrase/quote of a line from the book.

Your guess is as good as ours. But as your email was proof of, the book does ignite discussion, questions, and reaching out to others to hear their opinions and explore possibilities. And now we are all writing to you, with all our thoughts. The book births a network by its very existence!

Welcome to the house!