My final project

I have not fully chosen my final project topic yet, but I have thought about trying to do one on the game “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.” Some of the topics that I would like to discuss include what direction the game has taken the series in from a violence/dark theme standpoint ( the game recieved a T rating, a first for the LOZ series), and how the game was released on two systems, most notably the Nintendo Wii so that the developers could utilize the motion control interface of the system. One of the reasons I have not fully decided on whether or not the game will be my topic is because when I tried to search for relevant scholarly articles on the game, very few references came up. A question that I have is that if I cannot find many outside articles written on a specific game, is it ok if I just go through an analyzation of the game while referencing concepts raised by Koster, Galloway, and the other writers whose pieces we have read throughout the semester, or do I need to find new references entirely for my paper? I know the game itself very well (I have beaten it multiple times), but am just not sure if I should put the time into trying to write a paper about it if necessary resources are not available to make it possible.