Lara Croft as a role model…seriosuly?

I was very intrigued by the discussions that went on in class last Tuesday.  We covered many topics surrounding gender, especially in relation to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider.  One particular topic I found the most interesting was in response to one of the survey questions- that many female players would view Lara Croft as a positive role model after playing this game.  I was shocked that this was the most popular answer to how female players would view this character.   I most definitely have an opinion on this topic, but decided on the spot that this was what I was going to write my response blog about.  Therefore, instead of voicing my opinions, I simply sat back and listened to the arguments of others.

I understand that many females would like the character of Lara Croft simply because she is a woman and that is something rarely seen in videogames.  Therefore, they probably feel that they can identify with her more so than other videogame characters.  However, I think that viewing her as a role model takes it to an entirely different level.

I, for one, am a female and do not-in any way, shape, or form view Lara Croft as a role model.  I know that I am just one girl, and cannot by any means speak for all women, but I feel as if many women would have a similar view on the topic.  Don’t get me wrong, the character of Croft does, I think, portray some important qualities that are good for girls to be aware of.  The fact that you can be both attractive and powerful, for instance.  She also demonstrates a desirable amount of control-which, I think, is considered an attractive attribute by both genders…however, like someone pointed out it class, how is killing for what you want an attractive attribute?  is that really something you want to strive for? hurting and putting everyone else down to achieve your goals?.. I think we can all agree that selfishness is not a sought after characteristic in a person.  Also, yes, she is the combination of beauty and power…but seriously? Why does her character have to be so, for lack of a better term, “sexy.”  I feel that there is a clear difference of connotation between the word “sexy” and the word “beautiful”…I think girls or women, females of any age for that matter, should be aware that you can be beautiful without having the double-d chest.

Basically, what I’m trying to get at, is that although Croft does display some positive qualities, I do not think that her character as a whole would be perceived by most females as a positive role model.