First person point of view

This post is written in response to Tuesday’s discussion about a first person point of view.   The first person point of view can have an incredible effect on how a person interprets and feels about a particular event either in a game or in a movie.  Usually in movies the effect that a first person view has is a feeling of suspense and anticipation.  These feelings are brought on by the fact that that people cannot control the actions that they are viewing.  This effect has been demonstrated in many films.  One film that we did not discuss in class was Doom.  In one portion after the main character wakes up in a different state of mind after being unconscious and the movie switches to a first person point of view.  When watching the events in the movie unfold the viewer starts to will the main character to do certain actions or even to survive more so than when they were watching in the third person point of view.

When the first person point of view is applied to videogames it takes on a completely different role however.  People tend to become one with the character they are playing especially when game play is very intense.  This is demonstrated very well in he game Chronicles of Riddick: assault on dark athena where you are in a first person point of view for most of the game.  What sets this game apart from the rest is the concentration on stealth and melee combat.  This makes the gamer more likely to try and interact with items in the game world in real life ie turning your body when hugging a corner or squinting to see in the dark when the lights are out.