This guy doens’t make sense…

So, in response to the request that we post regarding Mr. Galloway’s writings I have produced the following.

I was rather confused by his early remarks regarding the interactive nature of video games. He says on page 3:
“One should resist equating gamic action with a theory of ‘interactivity’…”
I found this especially confusing because video games are inherently interactive by nature. The entire point is to interface with, depending on the game, any combination of enemies, allies, and the games environment. While a players hands may not be directly manipulating anything, the character/avatar they control is interacting on their behalf. The entire point of a video game is that it “plays back”, if you will. This seems like the very definition of interactivity to me. Therefore, Galloway’s insistence that we not apply interactivity theory to video games left me…honestly…dumbfounded.