Diegetic or Nondiegetic?

While for the most part I found Galloway’s writing to be interesting (though dense) the main issue that I had was Galloway’s treatment of diegetic or nondiegetic operator acts.  Some of his disconcerting and confusing language can be seen in the following passage from page 12:

The second moment of gamic action refers to a process with spontaneous origins but deliberate ends.  This is gamic action as a subjective algorithm.  That is to say, in this second moment, video game action is a type of inductive diachronic patterning of movement executed by individual actors or operators.  We are now ready to explore the second quadrant of gamic action: nondiegetic operator acts.

While I was able to grasp the general idea, I believe he could have chosen to describe these two concepts in a much more straightforward way, and in doing so, it would have made his writing much more approachable to non-academics.