Don’t Look Back

I don’t mean to be repetitive, but as you all already know, videogames just aren’t my “thing.”  That being the case, I find myself putting, what I consider to be, way too much time and energy into the videogames we are assigned to play.  You would all laugh if you watched me die over and over and over again, but I continue to play anyway in order to reach a higher level of understanding.  This last game we were assigned to play, Don’t Look Back, I found to be quite interesting.  I could tell there was some sort of story line it was following, but I did not pick up on it right away.  Granted, this could be because after playing for half an hour I only made it through a quarter of the game.  Therefore, I first found a youtube video that took me through the whole game (so if you are like me you can click here

and watch the entire game unfold).  Then, I found an article describing the basis or story line of the game.  So here

is just another game that, according to the article, (although it is not blatantly obvious) contradicts Aarseth.  Personally, I enjoyed this article because it reassured me that this game was more than just a game.

One thought on “Don’t Look Back

  1. brandi

    When I first played Don’t Look Back, I played for about ten minutes and then quit. It didn’t interest me at all. It was only when I read ndelasalas’s post about the ending being really revealing and interesting that I was motivated to play through the game more. I think this illustrates the point that stories DO make some games better– I was only interested in playing through Don’t Look Back when it was revealed that there was a sort of story element to it. If I hadn’t read ndelasalas’s post, I never would have given the game a second thought.

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