Violent Codes

While reading the article about Combat, something cought my attention that I take to be significant in today’s world: violence. It has been noted how Atari in its early stages was limited in terms of its memory capability and therefore affected how much game coding it could handle. So the games were more about creating competition and not so much about realism and graphics. This was great in terms of making the games used friendly and more importantly family friendly. The games presented little to none indication into violence. In the game tank, the tank would just spin in place instead of blowing up or soemthing. But as gaming consoles increased, so did the game codes, which ultimately effected the game forms. Mortal Combat, which was released in 1992, was one of the earliest violent games. This was released 13 years after Atari was relased, so by that time developers and gaming systems were much more advanced. This game had heavy violence with blood and many though that this was done to publicize the game. There would be moves where body parts could be ripped off the opponents. Surprisingly, there was heavy popularity of this game as well. According to a Blog titled, Evolution of  violence, Mortal Kombat was a starter of things. As technology and consoles became more advanced, coding of course became a playground and games such as Grand Theft Auto Series came about, which are extrememly popular. The reason for this popularity is the countless variations that are within the game. There have been many games such as Soldier of Fortune and Thrill Kill,  which didnt last long since they were solely violent games. Thats an interesting point, which brings back the idea of how our brain have fun. As more variations are introduced, our brain is more engaged. So as the consoles developed, along did the codes and so did violence in the games. This added element to games leads to the fact that violent games being extremely popular.