Are Video Games Art?

This question has been popping up a bunch of times in this blog and is rather swiftly answered in the Bogost piece we read for this week, where Bogost’s answer is probably closest to mu, and is an answer that is delivered rather quickly. While he makes some good points, I think he answers the question too quickly, and so I found this article. The author’s arguments are a little shaky in places. To try to get the reader to at least consider his ideas, he makes a lot of comparisons to other things that would more intuitively (but still somewhat hesitantly) be called art, such as gymnastics, and then addresses issues that video games might run into that these don’t, such as the issue of competition and it being fundamentally opposed to art. As the article progresses the author explains how video games are also different from the things to which he compares them in different ways.

Overall I think this presents a fairly worthy perspective on an issue that Bogost seems to dismiss perhaps too quickly.