The alien who falls in holes

Hey everybody!

I remembered the other day in class, Professor Sample had mentioned the ET game for Atari, which was pretty much a failure. I found a link to play it here:

I thought since we are discussing Atari and all of its success leading to the modern day videogame, that we could also mention this failed game. This can also relate to the Combat in Context article which discussed the various levels of a game. Especially touching on the fifth level: Reception and Operation, ET simply doesn’t deliver. This level discusses the meaning of the game and the relation it has to the player; however ET has none of this as he simply wanders and falls into holes. The game offers no sense of learning and therefore no fun, but enjoy! 🙂

1 thought on “The alien who falls in holes

  1. Professor Sample

    This is a great find! I definitely encourage everyone to check out ET and figure out why (excluding the hardware and software limitations of the day) the game was a failure.

    It’s worth noting the same site has other Atari 2600 games to play, including Pac-Man and Adventure, generally considered to be the first multi-screen game (and the ancestor of World of Warcraft.

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