“Play and its role in the Mental Development of the Child”

I found this article, and I think it sounded relevant to our class discussion and to the reading concerning play. The article is from a journal that focuses on a Marxist approach to psychology, so it definitely talks about play from a different approach than we took in class on Tuesday. I found the most interesting portion of this article to be the section in which the author explains how a child’s greatest display of self-control occurs in play, because the child abides by the rules by his/her own choice, and not because someone else told him/her to. The author talks at length about the definition of play and argues that play is necessary to the fulfillment of children’s needs.


Vygotsky, Lev. “Play and its role in the Mental Development of the Child.” Trans. Catherine Mulholland. Voprosy psikhologii 6 (1966): 1-18.