Help in seeing the art in video games

It was established in class that most of us consider video games as pieces of art. However, when we play a video game we usually get so lost in the gameplay that we forget to enjoy the game’s artistic side. In order to avoid arguments about what can or cannot be considered artistic, I’ll focus on music, images, and videos, all of which are very popular art forms. I’m sure everyone remembers playing Super Mario for hours… Didn’t we get to a point (usually early in the game) where we started thinking of the music merely as a background melody? Well, someone (Koji Kondo) had to get creative and come up with it! And if the theme song doesn’t sound very good, it’s probably because of the capabilities of the old Nintendo consoles. But check out this interpretation by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra:

Even though I have never played any of the Legends of Zelda games, I can definitely appreciate the art, skills, and imagination that were necessary to create all of the characters in the game. The following image is a stunning depiction of the game. Its details and structure are (at least to me) reminiscent of some of the greatest paintings of all time.

Finally, I’d like to present a short film based on the video game Portal. I believe that those who have already played the game will be able to relate to the main character. The “no escape” feeling is exactly what Portal brings to you. Of course, once you figure out how to get through a level, there is a rush of happiness, but not for too long – you move on to a bigger and more confusing chamber. This video reminds me that Portal is basically an interactive fictional movie – something I forget about while trying to make my way through the game.

PS: For those who have not played the game yet, I hope this serves as a brief introduction to how portals work and what you can do with them. Have fun!

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