fallacies and poster

Part 1

“Once an individual is on the list, they are then at the mercy of the system.”

This is biased language.  The word “mercy” has an obvious negative connotation, and should not be used.  I should use a phrase that implies that once someone is on the organ transplant list, there is nothing else that they can do.

“If buying and selling human organs were legal, information on the quality of organs would spread much more efficiently due to a large increase in buyers and sellers.”

This is a bit of a hasty generalization.  While this statement seems logical, it would be favorable to include evidence to support it.

Part 2

I envision dividing my research paper into three distinct sections in order to organize them on the poster.  The sections will be my research question, the discussion of my research question, and my conclusion.  The discussion will be in the middle of the poster, and it will be the focus of the poster.  This section will be divided into two subsections:  the efficiency of the market for human organs and the ethics of the market for human organs.  I am considering attaching a whiteboard to my poster, so I can draw some visual (supply and demand model) while presenting.