“Knapper concludes that clothing does not give any insight about a person, and that using clothing as a cue to personality may even cause the observer to make inaccurate judgments.”

This is a hasty generalization.  Just because clothing does not give any insight about a person, it does not necessarily means that it’ll cause observers to make inaccurate judgments.  Even though it sounds very logical and flows well, it is a hasty generalization.  To fix this I can look more into the research and pull parts out of the research to support and serve as a pillar for this statement.

“The surprising factor in this study however is that people who were given more information about the candidates did not perform as well as expected, once again leading to the conclusion that when information is available and useful, appearance is still more heavily relied on and hinders the use of the information.”

Again this is a hasty generalization because just because the candidates did not perform as well as expected, it does not mean that appearance was the cause/reason behind it.  Like above I will need to read deeper into this research and pull out parts that will help support my claim.


I will organize my poster in a way to indirectly show what my research is really about.  I will divide each section up, one section being filled with mostly only text, one section with graphs and charts, and one section with only pictures.  Additionally I will mount the texts over black construction paper, graphs and charts over blue construction paper, and pictures over yellow construction paper.  What I’m trying to do here is to indirectly show case the essence of my research paper and let the observers themselves see how appearance of something can affect their judgments, like which section the look at first (for example text is usually boring and pictures are more interesting and yellow is usually noticed first before black).  Of courses there will be a short title which I have yet to come up with, and ill try to include the most important parts of my research into the text section.  There are also a lot of charts, pictures, and graphs I can use.