Thanksgiving Assignment

Part 1

“Christians Attempted Takeovers”

Fallacy: Biased Language

Correction: Change it to something non-biased like “Christian’s claims to America”

“These attempts show that it is not speculation that Christianity is taken over, but active conquering on their part to make this their country”

Fallacy Biased Language

Correction: First fix spelling errors “taken” should be “taking” then change sentence to be less biased like “These events show that Christianity has made an open claim to the country as their own country”

Part 2

For my poster I will use each side to tell a different part of the history. The middle will illustrate the main argument that Christianity and American Politics are intertwined and Christianity is influencing it. I’ll do this my using pictures of political religious gathers i.e. presidents at mass, large Christian groups doing something with politics like protests, banners, pamphlets, etc. I’ll have a few words on the middle section to help the views get the point as well. On the sides I’ll present the two presidents that I’m looking at in my paper. The Left will show President JFK and his election. I’ll try to find some pictures of the protests against him and his religion, and also of him making his speech in Houston, Texas. I’ll see if I can find an image containing the actual speech and if not I’ll take key parts from his speech and put them in larger, but not too large, font on the poster. On the right side I’ll present the case of George W. Bush and his elections. I’ll provide pictures of the religious appealing events he held to gain votes i.e. Church talks, pamphlets, etc. I’ll also put a few quotes from Bush or from his staff on his side to show how he ran his politics. The header to the whole this will be “Faith and Poltics” with a jagged line through the “and” to show that they should be separate.