The fourth of many research journals

I am interesting in researching the topic of nature versus nurture…

Because I want to find out how we have come to be who we are today…

And this is important because in order to examine and analyze our surroundings and how they came to exist, we, as humans, must understand how we have come to develop into our current forms, whether it be by a natural process or other peoples’ influences.


1) Define exactly what nature and nurture are, being specific with each concept.

2) What specific case studies or examples can be used best to support the research topic?

3) Is there a definite answer and conclusion to the various studies researched?

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  1. The author is interested in examining the differences between the effects of nature versus nurture because he wants to analyze the effects each has upon who an individual may become. This is important because in order to understand society and how certain aspects came to be, people must understand who they are as an individual and what it was that shaped them to be this way.
    Are you trying to support one method or a combination of both?
    Any there any case studies in which only nature is used to raise a child?
    How can you separate nature from nurture when most people are raised from a combination of the two?
    1. A specific case study like the wolf children that have been raised in the wild.
    2. Genetic evidence that might lean one way or another on the debate.
    3. A study that may have been done on a criminal’s genetic disposition and his experiences through life.

  2. The rephrasing accurately captured what I am trying to convey through my research question. I support a combination of both nature and nurture, because surely both have an effect on how a human develops, but I would like to know which has a more adverse effect on a person as they are young through their lives until they are more mature. There are case studies that can be used, such as the wolf child that was raised in the wilderness by a wolf pack and others that I have previously learned about in high school. The concepts of nature and nurture can be separated by using a clear definition of each, followed by examples, case studies, and debates.

    I am interested in researching the opposing effects of nature and nurture on a person throughout their life…

    Because I want to find out why we are the way we are today and how we have come about these developments…

    This is important because as humans, we must take into account how we have developed and come to be who we are before we can analyze and understand the world around us and how it came to be.

  3. I cannot write my research question in this form because my research topic entails nothing about what side I take. I support both sides so it would be difficult to “add to the discussion” when the discussion has an agreeing point, that being that both nature and nurture contribute to human development.

    In order to do this, I must take a stand on which aspect influences a person more. I need to know more about what experts have researched on my topic, as all I know about it is from the two psychology classes I took in high school. After I know more, then I can reformulate my research question.

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