Research Journal #4: Research Question, Take 1

I am interested in researching about Stem Cell Research because I want to find out why there are so much negative opinions and this is important because it could help treat some diseases.

Three Questions:
1. What is involved in the process of Stem Cell research?
2. Why is Stem Cell research considered to be an act of religious offense?
3. What are the two opposing views presented on the topic of Stem Cell Research?

3 thoughts on “Research Journal #4: Research Question, Take 1

  1. This person wants to research what is currently and what has happened in the past with Stem Cells. They want to do this because they want to know why people are against using Stem Cells. It is important to this person because they believe that using them could be very beneficial in the medical field.

    What specifically about Stem Cell research do you want to know or interests you? Is it why there are negative opinions?

    Do you know of any main supporters or researchers that have scientific evidence that by using stem cells we really can cure or treat diseases?

    Do you know the origins of the debate about using stem cells?

    Scientific studies, major non-fiction publications, and major news articles would be great sources to research from. The news articles wouldn’t be the greatest to use in their own, but could probably lead you to better and more concrete research.

  2. Response:
    I completely agree with the rephrasing of my research question. I am interested in learning about what Stem Cell Research is and what it can do to improve the lives of people. There are many contrasting view points to this topic and I would like to explore through the various view points to create my own opinion. Right now, I feel that Stem Cell research is acceptable as long as it can benefit society and use this idea to explore oppositions.

    Research Question:
    I am interested in researching about the advancements in Stem Cell research and what it can do to improve the lives of people because I would like to understand why there is opposition to this topic. This is important because everyone should support Stem Cell research if it can help treat diseases.

  3. They say that Stem Cell research is wrong and should not be done because it is considered to be offensive to some groups of people.

    I say that Stem Cell research is beneficial to the society because it can help improve the lives of people. It can help advance the knowledge of scientists about the human body and help treat diseases.

    What I need to know before I can do this is research is learn about the origins of Stem Cell research and why people started looking into this topic. Also, it is important to know why Stem Cell research can be beneficial and what advancements are made so far.

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