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  • I am interested in researching how the different sexes interact
  • because I want to find out if the hormones in their brain differ and if this really does form the personality differences in guys and girls. Also if this would allow for correct generalizations when it comes to genders.
  • and this is important because it will help us to realize how come certain aspects of life affect us in different ways and why our reactions to situations our different among the sexes.
  • I would ask where I’m doing the research? I would also ask my self about age groups and if it differentiated too? I would also want to know about the different hormone levels within the sexes themselves.

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  1. This writer is interested in researching the physiological differences between the two genders. She wants to know if hormones can impact personalities and whether this can account for how men and women react to the world around them. This is important because research into this topic would help to create more of an awareness of how gender can impact an individual’s perception.

    -At what age do hormones truly start having an impact on someone’s personality?
    -In what types of situations do men and women react differently?
    -How much of a personality is nature (hormones/gender) and how much is nuture?

    I believe that this researcher would probably start by looking at a psychology textbook, maybe charts that showed hormone levels, or maybe interview a therapist on how gender impacts behavior.

  2. The revision of my post is an accurate describtion of what i wanted to research. The questions also help add to the focus and how I wanted to narrow down my research, but I wasn’t exactly sure where to begin.

    I’m intrested in researching different genders and how their personalities differ based on the hormone levels and their surroundings. This is important because it gives us a better understanding on how gender affects reactions to similar situations.

  3. My topic hasn’t necissarily been narrowed down to a they say/I say format.

    Before I can do this I need to narrow my topic down and figure out what I’m really trying to figure out differenentiates between the two sexes. Once I decide on what aspect of their relationship I’m most curious about, it will be a lot easier for me to figure out what my they say/I say will be. At this point however I’m at too broad of a topic point for this to be possible to draw or predict my conclusion.

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