Research Topic Thing

I am interested in researching the origins of science fiction

Because I want to find out how the genre has evolved throughout the ages.

And this is important so that humanity may learn, not only from the past, but from the future as well.


1. What specific authors? Seminal science fiction authors, or what?

2. Ages? Perhaps narrow down to within the last 100 or 150 years or so?

3. What is it important for humanity to learn?

3 thoughts on “Research Topic Thing

  1. This writer is interested in learning about the start of the genre of writing dealing with futuristic settings and technological innovations, because he/she wants to find out how this style of writing has changed since it was first created. This is important because this style of writing teaches lessons about mistakes that are old and yet to come.
    1. Why did authors create this new genre of writing and was there a movement involved with the style?
    2. What community/age group were these kinds of writings aimed at?
    3. Why has the genre been forced to change over the years?

    3 types of evidence:
    1. Interviews with authors specific to this writing genre
    2. Historical documents on movements during this genre’s creation period
    3. Art Critiques on Science fiction writing

    1. Great suggestions for evidence! I hadn’t thought about watching interviews with some of the genre’s authors. I’m not sure how historical documents of the same time period can help me with learning about the science fiction genre itself, but I suppose they are worth looking into.

      I am pleased that you understood what I was going for in that humanity must learn from these stories; that it has become sort of a paradox, learning from a future that was written in the past.

      Your question “why has the genre been forced to change over the years” is good. It is sort of the next level of my initial idea of researching the evolution of the genre. I like the idea of not only how it has changed, but why.

      I am interested in researching the origins of science fiction because I want to find out how and why the genre has evolved over the years. This is important because it is critical that humanity learn from the past by analyzing the future.

  2. I don’t think that I can write my research question in a “They Say…I Say” structure because it is dealing with the history of science fiction and not a dispute of the evolution of the genre itself. If it was a question of a dispute within the science fiction community on, say, influences on the evolution of the genre, then perhaps it would be more of a “They say…I say” case. As it is, I am not very concerned about what “They” have to say.

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