I am interested in researching negative impact of caffeine on the mind and body because I want to find out if the long-term consumption of caffeine could lead to unfortunate health issues. This is important because a great many people (including myself) drink caffeine on a regular basis, and it’s always nice to know if what you are consuming is going to lead to some long-term adverse side effects in the future.

1.       Are you going to research the modes in which caffeine is ingested? What about the different types of drinks that caffeine is found in? Vastly different amounts of caffeine are found within soda and coffee, after all.

2.       What is the science behind how caffeine affects the brain? Will I actually be capable of understanding it? That could be somewhat problematic.

3.       Does caffeine affect adults differently than it affects children? Should the research be confined to a single age group?

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  1. The author is looking to understand the effects of caffeine on the human body. Specifically they want to know, what long-term effects, if any, could result from prolonged consumption of caffeinated products?

    1. The author could explore the various forms that caffeine is found in. The US army uses caffeine pills to stay awake, while video gamers use Red Bull to game all night, while mothers use chocolate for themselves
    2. The author could also explore other forms of stimulants such as yerba mate, ginseng, taurine, and some pain-relievers.
    3. The author might want to look into certain countries or regions where caffeine are used. They also might want to look at the history of caffeine usage.

    1. FDA reports
    2. Healthcare data
    3. Doctor interviews

    1. I agree with the rephrasing of my research question. In the suggestions for narrowing my focus, the reviewer sort of rewrote my first question, so that wasn’t particularly helpful. As of right now, I do not intend on keeping my research paper confined to simply one method of caffeine consumption (pill, drink, chocolate, etc), though this depends on the amount of material on each of the subjects. I will probably add in material about the history of caffeine usage, though I’d like to focus it on just the United States.

      What is the history of caffeine usage in the United States, and are there negative long-term effects on the body from prolonged consumption of caffeinated products?

  2. “They say” “I say”

    As of now, I am unable to write my research question in this format because I do not know anything about the effects of prolonged caffeine consumption. I would have to research some studies or tests done on the subject to gain information about what “they” say about the subject, then I would have to formulate my own opinion on it before I could write what I would say.

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