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    I am interested in reserching the reasons that the human brain (particularly Americans) is drawn toward religion, if it is. I am interested in why Americans respond psychologically to religion. I want to research this because I want to find out how natural it is to have religious inclinations and what effect on American thinking religiosity has. This is important because such a large population have a religious element in their lives and since religion is a man-made component of thought it is important to figure out how many people are under the influence of a man-made component of thought and what kind of influence this has on them.

1) Do different religions have a different control over different schools of thought in the brain?

2) Does the presence of religion in the mind inhibit any certain kind of brain activity?

3) Are different sexes influenced by religious thought in different ways, and if so, why?

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  1. I want to know whether there is a biochemical explanation for the appeal of religion to humans (particularly Americans) due to the observation that many people (Americans) are influenced by religion, a concept which is seemingly unnatural.

    1. Humans, regardless of nationality, are almost exactly identical genetically- why isolate Americans?
    2. How will it be possible to research a topic that may not have any prior scientific data to justify an argument?
    3. How will the concept of “religion” be defined?

    – scientific research on the “biochemical basis of the human practice of religion”
    – professional opinions on the topic mentioned ^
    – scholarly articles concerning the topic mentioned ^^

  2. I guess I agree with your interpretation of my question. I am more focusing on why the America psyche is drawn towards religion, and why it seems so appealing psychologically. I chose Americans because America is probably the most religious nation in the world that isn’t a theocracy or have large elements of religiously driven violence that dominate its security. I am interested in finding out what about religion is beneficial to the everyday life of Americans because I am an American and religion isn’t helping me in any way. I guess my bias as an American is what drove me to refine it to Americans. I do, however, disagree with your second question. There are a lot of articles and studies done on how the brain has manifested religion and why the average human is drawn to it. Your third question is an outstanding one and I thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    I am interested in researching both the reasons that the American mind seems drawn to religion and the effect that religion has on the American psyche and how that effects their everyday lives. I want to find out more about why a component of thought that is man-made is so appealing to such a large amount of people and what that seemingly brainwashing component controls in their lives.This is important because it gives us an important look into the American psyche and how the brain responds to certain stimuli and manifests certain thoughts.

  3. They say that religion is man-made and that the human psyche is drawn to it naturally. I say that because of this we can take steps to understand why we think this way and better our understanding of the human mind and possibly eradicate religious thinking from society.

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