Research Journal 4

I am interested in researching the link between technology (specifically cell phones or computers) and stress levels because I want to find out how much of an impact constant use of technology has on our bodies and minds.  This is important because we as a culture as constantly “plugged in” and should know the consequences.

-Is there a connection between short term activity and high blood pressure?

-Do cell phones and computers disrupt people’s ability to focus on one task?

-Does technology have a particularly negative effect on any age group?

3 thoughts on “Research Journal 4

  1. This person is researching the correlation between technology and individual anxiety in order to discover the effect of such technology on the human body. The subsequent responses to technology on the human body is a crucial part in understanding the human condition.

    Cell phones or computers? Which is it?

    Effect on bodies or minds? I would pick one…not both.

    Does the impact of technology on humans vary in different cultures around the globe?

    1. Medical journals
    2. News reports on cell phones or computers in our culture today.
    3. The internet (it’s good for pretty much anything)

  2. I agree with Benjamin’s rephrasing of my question. I think that he’s correct about having to narrow my focus between which type of technology I want to research. I’m leaning towards trying to find the link between cell phones and stress on our bodies rather than our minds, but I’m not positive that I couldn’t do both. Our nervous systems aren’t detached from our bodies. However, that is definitely a point to consider.

    I am interested in researching the connection between cell phones and physical or mental fatigue because I want to know the effects of constantly using our cell phones. I believe this is a relevant question because our society continues to become more modern and reliant on technology.

  3. I’m having difficulty writing a “they say” “I say” statement because I don’t really know what information is already out there in terms of technology. I’m sure there have been claims both ways; that cell phones are completely harmless, or that they are detrimental in some way. However, I’m not sure what the actual research proves. I’m not sure if there is an “official story” when it comes to the correlation between cell phones and personal health.

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