I am interested in reasearching how to control the spread of Lyme’s disease. I am interested in this because two of my horses have Lyme’s disease and it is spreading rapidly throughout the U.S. This issue is important because Lym’es disease affects millions of people and animals, and new research shows that it can harbor in the body, and in some cases never truly be cured. This means that new emphasis needs to be put on prevention.

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  1. This person is interested in researching how to decrease the spread of Lyme disease because it personally affects her life and because it is a growing problem in the US. This issue is important because Lyme disease is harmful for a large population of people in the US; additionally, current research says that Lyme disease may be a permanent condition for some people. Prevention should be emphasized especially because of the negative, long-term effects Lyme disease can have.

    1. You mentioned that your horses have Lyme disease, but do you want to really focus on people or on animals? If you’re interested in people, are you interested in a specific group of people – e.g., campers, young children, yuong adults, etc.?
    2. Could you focus on a specific region in the US? E.g., is there a particular geographical region (e.g., the South) that’s seen an spike in Lyme disease?
    3. Maybe you can focus on trends of Lyme disease (who get affected, why, what regions) and what are their causes? Or if there was a decrease in spread, how/why did that occur and how could it be applied today (if at all)?

    1. Statistics from the US Center of Disease and Control and Prevention.
    2. The research article that talks about how Lyme disease can’t be cured for some people?
    3. Scientific article about trends in Lyme disease.

  2. I agree with Sarah’s rephrasing of my question. I think it capture the ideas of my own statement, in different words. I agree with her questions about focusing my search. I would definitely want to focus on the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. A possible trend to research would be the rise in deer tick hosts in comparison to the rise in infection rates?

    I am interested in researching whether or not the prevalence of the Lyme’s disease bacteria has risen in accordance with a rise in deer tick hosts. I am interested in this because it affects me personally and scientists think that the bacteria can harbor in the body, unaffected by antibiotics. This is important because it means that more effort needs to be put on the prevention of the disease. The recent increase in deer tick hosts in the Eastern US is a possible cause for the spread of the disease

  3. They say that Lyme’s disease is spreading across the Eastern hals of the United States and that it is spread by deer ticks, who are in turn spread by various hosts such as rodents and deer. I say that the explosion of suburban sprawl, and therefore the dramatic increase of deer tick host populations is causing the increase in Lyme’s disease infections.

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