Some online comix

Saturday Morning

This Is Web Comic that Is published by an old roomate of mine. I knew him when i was drawing comic Books in Atlanta, he Is currently lives in Los Angelos. This comic actually comes with a warning you have to select through.

I Box Publishing(Star Drop)

Mark Oakely was technically discovered by Dave Sim(creator of Cerebus) And The readers of Cerebus. He debuted His First comic–Theives And Kings(Fantasy epic) in an issue of Cerebus. He has been publishing his own work for about 14 years. He is a bit of a comic book purist and is known for making ‘wholesome,’ child friendly comics that intellectually stimulating enough for adults. He experiments with printed text in many of his comics.

Get your war on

Similar in style to ‘Hipster Hitler,’ ‘Get your war on’ is satire created right after the US went to war with Afghanistan the first time

Prisoners on the hell planet

I first encountered “Maus” when I was about 11. My family was on vacation and we went to the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. 
    I remember being told that this was a completely different type of comic book. It featured real people whose lives had been adapted in an arthropomorphic way.
   I didn’t really get that statement but I did read the comic. I am glad I did.
       “Maus” is a survivors tale. However, it is a multi-faceted survivors tale. Art Spiegelman is interviewing his father but at the same time he is doing to his best just to ‘survive’ his fathers various neurosis. Art is also trying to survive his mothers suicide, an item he documents in his “Prisoner on the hell planet” comic.
   –Funny, the family members of the recently deceased are called “the survivors.”–
  What is really great about this comic is how it treats the idea of survival. There is a  two page prologue that features Art as a boy skating with his friends. He falls down and his “friends” leave him. He tells his father, who pessimistically mocks the bond– he comments on people confined to a small room with no food and comments on who is a friend in that situation.
     The Jews trying to survive in Hitler’s Europe didn’t have friends. Their own people worked as informants and policeman–vladek’s cousin. They sold each other out in hopes of surviving. It really makes you think about what was happening. 
   How does it feel not to be able to trust your neighbors, your friends, your lovers, etc? How does it feel to be robbed and cheated with no place to go?
  “Maus” doesnt try to answer these questions. “Maus” , in all of it’s genius, presents these problems to the reader for them to figure out.

Wertham And Ec

I hate this man. I just do. I have a big Thing against censorship. Its just Evil. Especially for Americans, considering Freedom of Speech etc.
I happened to found myself fascinated by William Gaines. He Is Way too Ahead of Time–He should have worked for Hammer Horror films. I feel As though EC really Set The groundwork for further Comic Book exploration. Especially cOnsidering how many writers And artists were influenced by him.