Some online comix

Saturday Morning

This Is Web Comic that Is published by an old roomate of mine. I knew him when i was drawing comic Books in Atlanta, he Is currently lives in Los Angelos. This comic actually comes with a warning you have to select through.

I Box Publishing(Star Drop)

Mark Oakely was technically discovered by Dave Sim(creator of Cerebus) And The readers of Cerebus. He debuted His First comic–Theives And Kings(Fantasy epic) in an issue of Cerebus. He has been publishing his own work for about 14 years. He is a bit of a comic book purist and is known for making ‘wholesome,’ child friendly comics that intellectually stimulating enough for adults. He experiments with printed text in many of his comics.

Get your war on

Similar in style to ‘Hipster Hitler,’ ‘Get your war on’ is satire created right after the US went to war with Afghanistan the first time