2 thoughts on “Photorealism”

  1. That’s a pretty nifty site you’ve linked us to. I’ve been lurking around the discussion board … anyway, I highly enjoy seeing these devoted comic book readers who are all over the spectrum on what kind of realistic approach they prefer in their comics. One comment really stood out to me–on Choi’s art: “it’s a better kind of photo-realism than Greg Land who takes the term too literally by cutting photographs out of magazines and pasting them into his little collages.”

    I haven’t read anything by Greg Land, but that approach to graphic novels sounds AWESOME…

  2. I personally like the photo-collage look too, which is not strictly photorealism. Photorealism implies drawings that look like a photo, which is totally different (and less interesting, I think), than an artistic style that directly incorporate photographs. An excellent example, which we are not reading for this class, is Wilfred Santiago’s In My Darkest Hour.

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