“This is the story of life: 5 potatoes began it all, 3 without fire, and 2 with fire.”

Well, I made it to the end of the game, game, game, and again game, and, being the greedy bastard that I am, took both the winnings for MYSELF!!!! I won’t spoil the reward for you all so I will keep my little mouth shut. Let me just stay, that it was the most beautifully dysfunctional game that I have ever played. Everything in it was confusing and left me asking questions. Why am I a little fuzz ball? What is this poem that appears when I collect the various tokens in each level? What are these creepy yet intriguing/nostalgic home videos that I unlock in each level? The home videos are on loop and play over and over, I try to gather meaning from them. But I can’t; instead, I just give into the experience and travel through the game to the end, where I greedily take both winnings that the game offers me: big winnings, and small winnings.

The game seems to acting in the way of absurdity. Even though there is all this odd shit making my head hurt, I still can see a sense of narrative or progress: it’s murky, but it’s there. It’s there as I move through the game, through each of the 13 levels. The game combines poetry with video and interactive game play and weird sounds. My god, every time I press the space bar while writing this the little fuzz ball guy jumps because the game is still on in another tab and the sound is like a frog being splattered under a slow moving tractor.

I know that the poetry and the videos have context, but I have none to place them specific to them, I have only my own sense of context in which to place them. They¬† are here in the game for me to not understand, but to experience. The final video that I receive at the end from the big winnings option begs me to realize that there is no meaning in this¬† piece of new media, it’s just an experience immersed in ambivalent feeling and emotion connected with the dysfunctional. But then, the narrative at the end makes me compare it to the story of the game. Are they one in the same? I try to attach meaning to the story because that’s what we humans do. Beneath the frozen pudding. I don’t know if the story of life is hiding under the frozen pudding, but I am glad to have thought so. Jason Nelsons creation of new media was both awesome to experience and absurd.