Final Project

The final project explores several existing new media artifacts, making some sort of argument about the meaning and expressive power of the artifacts, informed—at the very minimum—by the critical readings we have gone through this semester. You are invited to go beyond the readings and incorporate other critical perspectives as well (graduate students are required to do so). You are also encouraged to incorporate media into your project (images, video, audio, etc.) whenever it makes sense for your argument.

More specifically for the final project, you should examine two new media works, each from a separate category of genres we have studied (literature, data, games). And then, for your paper, put these two works in dialogue with each other. What does one reveal about the other? How do they reflect the same principles or underlying strategies, and how do they do so differently? Pay attention to the media-specific attributes of each work as well.

The paper should be about 8-10 pages long and it is due Wednesday, December, 12.

ENGH 508 graduate students: final projects for graduate students will include a research component that consists of an annotated bibliography that situates your objects of study within the larger framework of new media studies. For your annotated bibliography, find ten scholarly sources (which generally means peer-reviewed sources) that might prove useful to your research. For each source, write a paragraph abstract that encapsulates the argument of the source and highlights what you think are the source’s most significant claims. In addition to the usual research on JSTOR or the MLA database, you might find useful sources by mining the bibliographies of works we’ve read this semester. The bibliography should be organized this way: cite the source in MLA format, followed by the abstract. And then continue on to the next source. Arrange the sources chronologically, with the oldest source first.