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Portal and Gender

As we all know by now, both the protagonist and villain in Portal are female. However, this isn’t nearly as big of a deal as, for example, Lara Croft is to Tomb Raider. Perhaps this is because Chell is rarely … Continue reading

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An expert game player is able to play most if not all games he encounters well. Expert players will have spent more time playing games and will know what to expect and how to handle a game. They are able … Continue reading

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More Jason Nelson hipsterdom

Jason Nelson being hipster with poetry. Pretentious as always…

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Wuthering Heights IF

Hey guys- Katie William’s blog isn’t working so here’s her post from me! I would suggest turning your sound off; an annoying song is playing in the background. Also, zoom your screen in to read the type and pause the … Continue reading

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Future First Person Shooter

Someone on youtube decided to create a ‘Future First Person Shooter’- kind of shocking. However, these people don’t scream and there’s not nearly enough blood! Also- no health bar? For me this is way too

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The reading this week brought up the idea of copyright: more specifically, that that King Kong and Donkey Kong could be distinguished from one another and be made to generate their own profit. At its conception, ‘King Kong’ was one … Continue reading

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Seeker: Meghan Walsh In class it was mentioned that rhythm games such as Guitar Hero are becoming less and less popular with the masses: it’s true! News today reveals that the Guitar Hero series is finished, with no new games to be … Continue reading

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