More Jason Nelson hipsterdom

Jason Nelson being hipster with poetry. Pretentious as always…

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5 Responses to More Jason Nelson hipsterdom

  1. Jason Ko says:

    There is nothing obscure or ironic about this. How is this hipster?

    Picture related.

  2. bgilroy1 says:

    I don’t think you entirely get what a hipster is… here, have a chart.

    Not all poets are hipsters and not all hipsters are poets. While Jason Nelson might be a hipster, you really can’t judge that based on the various games and poems he has created.

  3. My problem with the characterization of “hipster” or “pretentious” is that they are not critical terms. If they are shorthand for something else, then we should unpack what that something else is, and do so in a mindful way. If anything, being as familiar as I am with Nelson’s work, I’d say he’s actually being ironic, making fun of the perceived “pretentiousness” of art and poetry.

  4. kstrylow says:

    As I see it, hipsters are people who are defined by what they are not. They despise the normal so they refuse to listen to “normal” music, wear “normal” clothes, associate with “normal” people (hence the pretentiousness.) Ironically, all of the “not-normal” people have clumped together to conform to a new set of “not-normal” rules that define them. (The chart does a good job of identifying normal hipster rules: what to wear (plaid, obscure band t-shirts); what to listen to (obscure indie/rock bands); what to avoid (punk and preppy).) I think our class takes issue with Nelson because he seems to, like the hipsters, arbitrarily despise mainstream culture and adopt eccentric graphics/techniques/messages for the sake of being “not normal.”

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