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here’s my group’s organization Coding jokes hacks Development Narbuncular Drop to Portal Logic Physics Puzzles level plans Characters (audio and screen shot) (You, GLaDOS, Cubes, Turrets, Dead Guy) Diegetic World (Graphics (surface texture), Typography, Ambient noise) Story (Timeline, Aperture Science) Interface Platform controls Marketing outside materials (Orange … Continue reading

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If Mario Had a Portal Gun…

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Nobody’s Perfect

Goofs in Portal

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Portal Categories

The list we created in class DIEGETIC: images (objects/setting) video audio the cake   NON-DIEGETIC cultural influence development (designers/programers) popular reception (comments, reviews) fan-made (audio, video, poster)

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Methods and Motivation

A hasty conjecture about the differences between novice and expert players. From my limited experience, it seems that these two types of people play for different reasons in different ways.  Novices seem to take a relaxed approach, enjoying the game … Continue reading

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This Is How You Will Die

Jason Nelson’s anti-game “This is How You Will Die” fits best out of all his games into Galloway’s counter-game categories.  First, Nelson foregrounds TIHYWD in that, while the player does not see any coding or visual programming, he does witness … Continue reading

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First-Person Zombie Shooters…

the perfect way to sell toothbrushes.  

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It’s Not Just About Sex: How Female Avatars Affect Strategy and Method

In class and through our readings, we’ve discussed the stereotypes projected on and derived from highly-sexualized female avatars, we’ve never considered male side of the issue.  This blog post, titled “Gender roles and video games: Or, why do guys play … Continue reading

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IF Characteristics

1. text only (no ambient acts or graphics) 2. limited actions (player is limited by narrator’s (computer’s) vocabulary and programed options) 3. grid based (limits mobility and requires the creation of a map) 4. multiple outcomes (player encouraged/required to replay) … Continue reading

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Perspective: Yours or Mine or Ours?

We all know what a first-person story sounds like, but what does it look like?  A regularly-shot film with a voice over?  A single, continuous shot from one perspective?  Does it change when you are the story?  When you make … Continue reading

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GDC Video Game Awards

Check out the GDC Video Game Awards; independent Minecraft took five!  Links to the games here and USA Today’s coverage here.

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Sims and Social Space

Obviously, video games’ diegetic space influences the way we interact with the game world, but author Charles Paulk argues that game space also alters the way we interact with the real world.  After extensive description of The Sims, Paulk links current interior … Continue reading

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Video Games: Social or Separate Activity?

I sat in Metro fingering my copy of John Keat’s Letters when a bundle of boys tumbled through the doors.  As the initial seating negotiations dragged on, their father leapt up and enthusiastically produced three gaming chips.  Immediately the hubbub … Continue reading

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