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Portal Fan Art

Here’s a website that is fan based and has a lot of different fan made art about Portal that was cool to look at.

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Differences Between Game Players

I think the difference between expert and novice players is that expert game players play games more frequently than novices and they also have a better understanding and appreciation of the games. I’m a novice player because I do not … Continue reading

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Evidence of Everything Exploding

I found Galloway’s article extremely interesting. I did not know that the genre of mod games was out there. I find it extremely interesting that people take aspects or codes of games and turn them into something completely different than … Continue reading

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Seeker- Girls and Videogames

Here’s an article from the Seattle Pi from 10 years ago. I found it interesting because it talks about girls playing videogames and mentions Lara Croft.

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The Subjective Shot in Movies

The one really intriguing thing about Galloway’s essay to me was about the subjective shot in movies. I never really thought about the different points of views that can be seen in movies because to me it just seemed normal … Continue reading

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Pokemon Comes to Life

Yesterday’s class was a lot of fun for me talking about being a Nintendo kid and such and especially when Pokemon was brought up. I played Pokemon blue like it was no ones business. I found this clip and thought … Continue reading

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Katie – First Reader

In the article, “Racing the Beam”, the author brings up the concept of midway games. Midway games “rely on partial reinforcement-a type of operant conditioning that explains how people become attached (and possibly addicted) to experiences. Partial reinforcement provides rewards … Continue reading

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