Evidence of Everything Exploding

I found Galloway’s article extremely interesting. I did not know that the genre of mod games was out there. I find it extremely interesting that people take aspects or codes of games and turn them into something completely different than what is their original form. The game I chose to look closely at is Evidence of Everything Exploding. At the beginning of the game it tells the reader it’s all about conspiracy theories because that is what Hollywood is obsessed with. When I started playing the games for this week I noticed that aesthetically they don’t resemble the typical game. According to Galloway, “countergaming often has no interactive narrative at all and little gameplay supported by few game rules, if any. In this sense, countergaming replaces play with aesthetics.” This was clearly evident in Evidence of Everything Exploding because they game was simple, because all I had to do was to open boxes and make it to the end in order to move on to the next level. The game also had visual artifacts, which are “undesired cosmetic disturbances such as jagged edges or dirty patches in an image file.” The game had multiple red lines that would pop up randomly and get in the way of my view. There was also excess noise and noises when I would hit an object. Although the game is a countergame, it does have some characteristics of a conventional game, such as having different levels and some of the same movements, such as jumping. I’m not exactly sure as to what the cultural or political message to this game was but it was definitely not like any game I’ve ever played and showed me a completely different genre of videogames.


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