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Response to Portal, Sound, and Music

It is true that the portal sounds really make the game what it is, particularly GLaDOS and her conniving, insane ramblings.  One particular thing I want to focus on is the way the sounds set the mood or tone of … Continue reading

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Comics and video games? Here are two articles based on computer games that compare what they feel are the best and worst of video game comics.  This is an interesting merging of two genres that allows comics to inform the often scant … Continue reading

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N00bs, Novices and Grokers

The main difference between an expert game player and a novice game player is the amount of comprehension of a game.  A player is an expert if he/she has invested enough time in a game to have mastered all the … Continue reading

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Reality Play: How real can games get?

In his article Reality Play on so called “documentary games” or games that retell real life events through a game format, author Joost Raessens tackles the debate of whether these games can truly represent real life.  His conclusion is that … Continue reading

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In Response to Facade, Cyber-Drama, and Emotion

I think mufasa has some good points here so I want to expand upon what he was saying. First the “awkwardness” of the game.  This game felt awkward because it hit close to home.  All of us have been in … Continue reading

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Colin and Chloe 5 ways of IF

1) Breaks the 4th wall.  Game interacts with player, frequently as opposed to player character. 2) No graphical interface results in blindness and a sense of exploration. 3) Gameplay requires creative thinking, visualization of game elements, and detailed record or … Continue reading

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Multiplayer Interactive Fiction?

Here is an interesting Video from the writer of shade.  He has crazy hair and check out his t-shirt! He is trying to get money to create an IF program for the Iphone which I thought was a very interesting … Continue reading

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Mickey Mousing

Whalen, in his article on music and video games, brings out one aspect in particular which he describes as “mickey mousing”.  This effect is basically the synchronization of certain events or activities in a game and the music that accompanies … Continue reading

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Minecraft: People have a lot of free time

As should be obvious my post as a seeker is about minecraft.  This indie game involves players wandering a blocky countryside shaping it as they see fit to create structures, mine resources, and survive monster attacks.  It has been mentioned … Continue reading

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2/1 – Colin (First Reader)

In the second reading from Caillois he attempts to define what a game is in the context of his earlier chapter on fun.  He defines games in four main categories: Agon (Competition-pg-14), Alea (Chance-pg-17), Mimicry (Simulation-pg-19), and Ilinx (Vertigo-pg-23). It … Continue reading

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