Video of 9/11 Simulation Game

We discussed and either viewed or played two controversial reenactment video games in class today. I have found a video of a simulation game for the 9/11 attacks which would fit under the title ‘controversial’ as well. It is indeed a little disturbing watching these reenactments of actual events. The idea behind this particular game is similar for the “Virtual Iraq Video Game” (found in the post below). It would be used to help post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) victims/witnesses cope with life after the incident.

Click here for the 9/11 simulation game video. Some additional information I wish to share which intrigued me was that the author for the 9/11 simulation game uses the Doom3 engine. I find this particularly interesting because the article for today focuses on possible behavior relations linked to playing video games and mentions Doom, and in the “Super Columbine Massacre RPG!” game Doom was mentioned by one of the perpetrators. It went something like this (paraphrased) “going to be fun (killing), just like in Doom!” Just a coincidence no doubt. Although, I have never played Doom. Could a classmate of mine who has please watch the simulation video and tell me if the screams at the end are in Doom? I find it interesting that Doom is linked, in different ways, to all three of these games.

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  1. I can’t tell whether those screams are from Doom3 or not. They could easily not be, since the 3D graphics engine is entirely separate from whatever sound files the game incorporates.

  2. Jason Ko says:

    I think it’s funny that they call it the Doom 3 engine as opposed to Id Tech 4. I assume this means some of the game assets are taken from Doom, or that it’s more of a mod then a completely separate game, but it still sounds weird.

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