Possible Exhibits

My group thought that it would be kind of cool to arrange the exhibits in a manner similar to the gameplay of Portal. So, consistent with the 19 Test Chambers of the game, I tried to come up with 19 Exhibits for us to group our items in. They are semi-chronological, which gives the overall exhibit some organization and flow. I won’t start moving/grouping items until some of you give me some feedback on this idea….

Origins and Precursor Elements

The Developers

Game Platforms

Technical Data

Movement and Physics of Gameplay


Use of Sound

In-Game Screenshots


Other Significant Objects

Alternate Versions

Feedback of Players

Awards and Accolades

Portal in the News

The Cake Fanfare

The Companion Cube Fanfare

“Still Alive” Fanfare

Fan-Made Items

Portal 2 and Beyond

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2 Responses to Possible Exhibits

  1. kstrylow says:

    I love this idea! Maybe, to make the site less overwhelming, we could cut down the number of levels and pick a couple that demonstrate the different puzzle components of Portal (i.e. a jumping level, an Android level, a cube level, a double portal level, etc.) I also think including “Portal 2 and Beyond” is essential; pairing it with the last “level” is visually perfect!

  2. Lauren says:

    I agree, 19 exhibits is a bit much. I like your idea to use the different puzzle components. Another idea is to use the ten icons that are shown at the beginning (i.e. cube dropping out of tube, guy getting hit in head, do not drink, cake slice, etc) to represent the exhibits….

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