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Re: Reading Galloway

Citation: Galloway, Page 5.

Quote: “Video games create their own grammars of action; the game controller provides the primary physical vocabularies for humans to pantomime these gestural games”.

Not knowing how to even start interpreting this quote, please find questions and a primitive analysis below.

Grammar, as defined in the New Oxford American English Dictionary, is “the basic elements in an area of knowledge or skill”. Action is defined as “the fact or process of doing something”. Thus a “grammar of action” is seemingly knowing how to complete the process of ‘doing something’.

Is this thought process evenly slightly correct? What does “primary physical vocabularies for humans to pantomime these gestural games” mean? How does all of this become “code”? Basically, what the heck is this guy talking about?

Reading Galloway

Here’s what I want you to do after you’ve read the chapter on “Gamic Action, Four Moments” in Gaming. Cite one passage (give the page number and a key phrase or two from the passage) that totally confuses you and describe your confusion on the blog.