When Realistic Becomes too Real

This week we discussed the wonderful topic of ducu-games. Games that are used more to accurately tell a story of the past than to simply be enjoyed as games. Today you always hear gamers talk about how realistic games are becoming and how the games they play make them feel as if they are right there in the action. No one ever complains about these games being too realistic for them to handle. Now looking at docu-games we see that people call these games “too real”. Is this due to some of the sensitive topics such as slavery in “Flight to Freedom” or the assassination of JFK in “JFK reloaded”? Despite the negative comments about these video games, there is a lot of new information to be learned from them. Games like “The Cat and The Coup” tell of past events that you may not have heard of before. This game in particular covers the CIA bringing upon the downfall of a democratically elected leader of Iran.


I know I never knew about an incident like this. I think that if critics looked more at the teaching aspects of these games rather than what is considered to be the insensitivity of the games themselves, then a better market and acceptance of these games can be created.

Here is another link with more docu games thanks to  Cindy Poremba


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