Angry Birds, TV Show

TV shows/movies and videogames focus on a subject in different ways.  While TV shows and movies are able to tell a story of events and evoke empathy for a character or event, videogames allow the person to take a more active role in the story line.  With this in mind, I found two articles confirming that Rovio will be making an Angry Birds television series.  The series will be different from the games.  In the games, you must slingshot the birds at the pigs to try to retrieve the birds’ stolen eggs.  You must navigate through many levels with varying difficulty and use the birds’ abilities to kill all the pigs.  I don’t feel much sympathy for the poor birds because I am actively playing the game.  With the television series, I will feel more sympathy.  Rovio stated that they would focus on the characters, meaning that the characters will be more relatable to us.  Without focusing on the game play, but on the story, we will be able to feel sympathetic for them, even the pigs.  I have always wondered why the pigs kept stealing the eggs, maybe now that the game will be turned a show, we will finally understand why the pigs went to such lengths to keep the eggs.–abc-news-tech.html


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