Academic Stimulation?

Because of the facets in casual video of the facets highlighted by Jesper Juul I believe that casual games captivate players in ways that traditional video games do not have. Because of the fiction, interruptibility, difficult and punishment, and juiceness of casual games, they often leave gamers transfixed. Because gamers feel as if they can stop playing at anytime they do not mind playing “just one more level”. However, because casual games are difficult but not too difficult a gamer like myself feels like he or she can complete the game rather quickly. As is evidenced by sites like and games on that site like This being said the transfixion that video games leave gamers in are not trances of a vegetative-like state but rather trances where neutron circuits (Hotz). In a study published by the Wall Street Journal Robert Lee Hotz lets informs us that, “Almost any computer game appears to boost a child’s creativity, researchers at Michigan State University’s Children and Technology Project reported in November”. Video games make us smarter.

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